Monday, June 16, 2008

JumpShip 3.2 Update Released.

JumpShip 3.2 Update Released.

This minor update of the JumpShip Framework fixes bugs in the JSDataModel and JSViewBase classes.

JumpShip Framework An MVC Based ActionScript with the following features:

  • A Ruby on Rails like Data Mode
  • A Command Pattern Based Controller (similar to ARP and Cairngorm
  • A standardized View with asset loading tools.
  • Model / View Data Binding
  • Controller Before / After filtering
  • Controller Command Cascading (the ability for commands to call other commands).

The following bugs have been fixed:
  • JSDataModel: Fixed a bug in the ‘getItemIndex()’ method that returned an improper value.
  • JSViewBase: Fixed a scope issue that prevented proper data binding.

1 comment:

William Kasel said...

Looks like a great tool. I just downloaded it, and im excited to break into it! Kudos!