Friday, December 21, 2007

JumpShip's Birthday!

Ok, so I realized a little late that it was a year ago that I released JumpShip to the OS world. Since that time I've been personally responsible for introducing the JumpShip framework to more than a few companies I've done Flash work for.

If anything the scope of the project has become more focused on core principles. I've taken some time to lean and use a few different frameworks over the past year and I'm glad to say that while I've learned a lot about the insights and usefulness of various frameworks, I've not needed to adjust the core design principals of JumpShip (which itself was inspired greatly by other people smarter than I).

So although my understanding of how frameworks should be used has changed, so has my understanding of why JumpShip is still a great framework.

As a new year gets started the focus on JumpShip will be to simplify the implementation while keeping the current feature set intact.

My recent experience with Cairngorm leaves me with the impression that Data Binding is a far more powerful tool than I first thought. And although it's implementation in Flex is far too specific and opaque for me (it's not even a standard feature of it's older brother Flash), there is still something about the ease of use as compared to the current JumpShip implementation that makes me think that this area might be a rich vein to mine.

And lets face it, the Rails gateway needs work. I simply haven't kept up with the whole REST movement in the Rails world, and I think adopting more RESTful approach could simplify the JumpShip Rails gateway a whole lot (mostly on the Ruby end).

I'm looking forward to the next year and I'm looking forward to see what becomes of JumpShip.


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