Sunday, September 2, 2007

JumpShip for AS3 Released!!!
After an exhaustive port. the AS3 version of JumpShip has been released! The principals differ little from the original AS2 version of JumpShip so there should be very few migration issues (hopefully).

While undergoing the migration I have had a few epiphanies about how to better implement the JumpShip Framework for AS3 / Flex / AIR and the coming months will be devoted to exploring those possibilities. Honestly, most of the room for improvement is on the Ruby on Rails end of the Rails gateway to put in more in line with the REST movement happening over there.

So there are a lot of things on my plate but help from anybody who may be interested is always welcome.

Jamie Scanlon

JumpShip for AS2 Released.
JumpShip, the original AS2 version, has been updated with a major release. It includes several bug fixes to the Ruby on Rails gateway, and a glaring implementation error in the JSDataModel. There are also bug fixes in the JSLayoutManager Class in the extras package.

Since we are all moving rapidly to AS3 I cannot promise that the AS2 version will be updated for much longer. Brave AS2 diehards are welcome to pick up this project where I leave off.

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